Time passed, and love faded.
Everything we ever had, compressed into a sigh I let escape.
I forgot your eyes.

"I’ve been desperate before. I was desperate for someone to love me. But I learned the lesson. I’ll only ever get desperate for us to work."

“So what if she’s loved someone else before? What’s wrong with having someone who has known loss intimately enough not to want it again?”

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Lỡ yêu một con người nói với mình: “Mình yêu nhau đi nhé.”
Là “mình” chứ không phải là “tôi” và “em”
Là cả hai người cơ mà, còn là cùng nhau nữa.

Even if you lose sight of me, I’ll still be holding your hand. Whether it’s a pinky link or an interlocking grip, I’ll hold on to your hand.

Don’t let go.

Feeling so suffocated trying to write something suffocating

""You’re drunk."
“You too.”
But I’ll still love you when I’m sober"


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You happened.

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I thought I was safe, from falling too fast.

Then nothing happened, except for the fact that I began missing you.

It was a random, I-forgot-to-breathe-again moment, and I couldn’t get over the slight tug at some string in my chest.

And it suddenly hit me, that I missed you.

That I ached for you.

i love you

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What if I fall, and hurt myself?

Will you know how to fix me?

What if I went, and lost myself?

Would you know where to find me?

If I forgot who I am,

Would you please remind me? ….

I remember asking that question more than once, and getting a noncommittal answer.

But then you came, and I found the answer in your embrace.

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Happy no occasion, because you deserve something special, occasion or not.

Happy no occasion, because you deserve something special, occasion or not.

I like to keep my eyes closed sometimes, so that your face and your touch sink slow and deep, into the secret compartment of my memory.

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I want to get lost with you, okay? I don’t want to date you or marry you, have two kids and a golden retriever and a white picket fence- I just want to get lost with you. I want to take the wrong subway train and end up in Chelsea, in a gallery with huge modern art…

I found a get-lost partner and it’s not you.

See you again, dear.

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